Spring/summer trends

Step up your spring/summer wardrobe with print, colour trouser and white.

Givenchy, Versace, Moschino, D&G are few names that have used print in their spring/summer collection. Print such as tribal, polka dots and floral are huge trends. From print shirts to print trouser and shorts.

Colour pants
Bright colour pants are huge this season, from your basic red, yellow, blue to you pastel shades. Don’t be afraid of colour pants. Jeans are comfortable and easy to wear, no man could considered a man of style with wearing a pair of jeans. As seen from local retailers colour jeans are defiantly must have items for the season, especially skinny jeans. Chinos are great, they come in different colours. Chinos add style and sophistication to the outfit, you could pull it off for any occasion. Make sure your trousers are well tailored.
If you have colour bottoms remember to keep your t-shirt neutral, colour-blocking is very much last season.

White is very classic and clean. This season white is the new black, whether is white on white on white with colour. Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West rocked white on white (white pants and white shirt) at the Paris fashion week and looked dapper. You can never go wrong with a crisp white slim-fitting shirt. Small/narrow collar shirt are very trendy and have a contemporary tailored feel to it. With this shirt you can skip the tie, bow-tie and jacket and still look put-together.


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