Which or witch doctor

Medical doctor

Medical doctor

“My grandmother said doctors killed your grandfather” said a lady at a supermarket. Then I though to myself is that possible, but hey some people think medical doctors kills people and witch doctor (traditional healers or sangomas to be political correct) helps. Most African people do consult witch doctors to seek help with different things, from witchcraft to medical related issues.
I haven’t been to a witch doctor and all the knowledge I have about them is from reading and media (television and radio) and so is anyone in my family. My grandmother doesn’t believe in them, she Christian. Christianity doesn’t allow witch doctors consultation or any relations with them. So our family never really have trusted them. I think our thinking was mostly influenced by Christianity in our family and media representation of witch doctors. Media hardly represent witch doctors on a light side. The stories we hear about witch doctor are never good. Stories of witchcraft (you probably read on Daily Sun and know about Limpopo).

Modern medicine or medical doctors don’t necessary believe witch doctors can help with medical related illness. Witch doctors can’t perform surgical procedures and they can’t really test your for HIV or diabetes. However their medicine can has been tested to have worked for some people (apparently don’t take my word for it) . But hey don’t believe a witch doctor telling you’re being bewitched while you have HIV (this I have seen and been reported). Most witch doctor blame things on witchcraft.

Medical doctors have help so many in my family and I have trust in them.

Have you visited a witch doctor? Do you believe in them?

I would like to visit one.

Witch doctor: bones!

Witch doctor: bones!



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