Political: DASO looking at sensetive issues

DASO: Interracial couple

DASO: Interracial couple

Democratic Alliance Student Organization (DASO) campaign is looking at very sensitive issues race (interracial couple) and sexuality (same sex couple).
Race is a still a sensitive issues in our young democracy. Interracial couple are still look and treated differently by the public. Young people have moved on and date beyond the colour line.
Homosexuality is an issue which the world hasn’t come terms with. One of the most progressed democratic country such as the US hasn’t accepted the same sex couple in public. New York City only legalised same sex marriage last year. King Zwilithene mad a slur comment about gay people. Clearly people are still not coming terms with the issues of interracial and homosexual couples.

I say bravo to the DA for taking a stand in the issues we live with on a daily bases and starting a debate we should be discussing.

Some write this “heterosexuality is not normal, but common”



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3 Responses to Political: DASO looking at sensetive issues

  1. sindi says:

    This initiative as u put it sound positive, and its very interesting how the da uses it politicly, it has nt been adresd by most political parties nd I mst say they opening a nw angle to politics in out country, human relations is rather political at all tyimes nd we mst jst love one another, I tnk this campaign is writen love al over it, love across cultures sexes nd sexual orientation, its evryones democratic ryt to do wt dy wnt to do as lng as it duz nt disregard the ryts of others

  2. hey you or their don´r remember to Published pic from WHITE WOMAN WITH BLACK WOMAN?

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