One on One with SA number 1 young DJ

Club and 5fm DJ Euphonik take 5 minutes to speak to SA Men about his career.

Describe your earliest memory of being a DJ?
I was DJing before I even knew what to call it. We were on a road trip with my folks to my grans house and I was playing music in the car.
Which moment do you regard as career defining?
I believe that moment is still to come. There’s still so much more that I want to do with my career.
What have you learnt the hard way?
Independence. I moved out of the house at a young age so I learnt to be responsible for actions and to be independent.
What is the worst advice you’ve ever come across?
Trust no one
Hahaha and the best
Invest in property

Which superpower would you like to possess?
I’d like to be able to time travel
What are you addicted to?
My euphonic logo
Recently stripped for Marie Claire. Would you do it again?
For a good cause yes. I’m very comfortable with who I am. Stripping is not that much of a big deal for me especially when it’s for a good cause. With that said I also don’t and wouldn’t just take my clothes of unnecessarily.
Any epic groupie action to report?
Yeah I come across those all the time. Asked to sign boobs and girls kissing me, are some of the things that come across but male groupies are the worst.

What’s the most best job offer you’ve ever had?

I was asked to play at Louie Vega’s event in Miami this year. For me that was mind blowing.

Which province/city rock hardest?
Durban most definitely

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